Abiagal "Abi" Grant was an episode writer for Thomas and Friends. She was also a script editor/head writer for the sixth and eighth seasons alongside Paul Larson. She works on the Thomas and Friends Live show as a script editor. She works on other children shows such as "Sooty" and other adult programmes.


Season 6

  • Jack Jumps In (co-written with Phil Fehrle and Jonathan Trueman)
  • A Friend in Need (co-written with Phil Fehrle and Jonathan Trueman)

Season 8

  • Thomas to the Rescue (co-written with Paul Larson)
  • Henry and the Wishing Tree (co-written with Paul Larson)
  • Thomas and the Fireworks Display (co-written with Paul Larson)
  • Percy and the Magic Carpet
  • Edward the Great
  • James Gets a New Coat
  • Percy's Big Mistake
  • Thomas, Emily and the Snowplough
  • Thomas and the Circus
  • As Good as Gordon

Season 9

  • Percy and the Oil Painting
  • Thomas and the Rainbow
  • Thomas and the Golden Eagle
  • Keeping Up with James
  • Flour Power

Season 10

  • Thomas and the Jet Plane
  • Percy and the Funfair
  • It's Good to be Gordon
  • Thomas and the Shooting Star
  • Wharf and Peace

Season 11

  • Thomas and the Storyteller
  • Thomas and the Lighthouse
  • Thomas and the Big Bang
  • Toby's Triumph
  • Percy and the Left Luggage

Season 12

Jack and the Sodor Construction Company

  • Alfie Has Kittens


  • She has stated that Percy is her favourite character.
  • She, Robin Kingsland, Paul Dawson, Rob Rackstraw, Paul Larson and Jan Needle worked on "Sooty".

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