"I'll not let it happen again..."
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"My name's Beresford by the way!"
— Beresford, Journey Beyond Sodor



Beresford is a blue rolling gantry crane who will be introduced in Journey Beyond Sodor.


When Thomas travels to the mainland, he meets Beresford. He stops Thomas on his way to Bridlington Goods Yard, demanding he tell him something new. Thomas tricks him and passes through underneath him. Later on, Beresford picks Thomas up with his hook and helps him to hide from Hurricane and Frankie after escaping from The Steelworks. He is usually lonely having no one to talk to, and engines have an excuse that their always late and never wait. He befriended Thomas by helping him hide from Hurricane and Frankie.


Beresford is painted blue with pink and yellow lining.


Beresford is based on a Stothert and Pitt rolling gantry crane located at Bristol Harbour.


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  • Beresford speaks with a Caribbean accent making him the first crane character to be voiced by a person of African descent.
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