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"Henry, you are an old and kind engine - but you worry too much!"
— Sir Topham Hatt

Henry's Magic Box is the twentieth episode of the fourteenth season.


It is Christmas time on Sodor and Henry is alone at the sheds. He is not happy; he wants to be busy like all of the other engines. Soon, the Fat Controller arrives and gives Henry a special special. Henry has to take a special box from the docks to Farmer McColl's field and then tell the other engines to go to the field at teatime. The Fat Controller also tells Henry to take special care of the box. Henry soon collects the box and takes it to Farmer McColl's field. When the box is unloaded, Henry is worried about leaving the box all on its own in the field, but he knows he must tell the other engines to go to the field. So he chuffs off instead.

He first meets Gordon at a junction, but is too worried about the box to tell Gordon to go to the field. Instead, he hurries back to the field to check on his box only to find that it is gone. In its place are five Christmas trees. Henry worries that the Fat Controller will be displeased, so goes to find the missing box. While looking for the box, he meets Toby and James at a junction, but he is so distracted about his box, he does not tell them to go to the field at teatime. When Henry arrives back at the field, he sees even more Christmas trees - but no box. At a junction, Henry meets up with Thomas and Percy, but he does not tell them to go to the field at teatime because he is still too distracted by the missing box.

Henry continues looking for his box at the Fenland Track, Maithwaite, and sidings, but he cannot see his box anywhere. Henry sadly steams back to the field, where he sees an entire field of Christmas trees. The Fat Controller is there and explains that the trees were inside the box. Henry feels silly and knows that he must tell the engines to go to the field at once. He soon tells all the engines and, later that night, they all gather at Farmer McColl's field. However, the Fat Controller is absent. Suddenly, the Christmas trees are lit up by colourful festive lights and out from the forest comes Sir Topham Hatt, dressed as Father Christmas.







  • Going by production order, this is the second episode of the season, but was supposedly held back to air during the Christmas season.
  • The episode was re-narrated for Merry Winter Wish UK DVD to replace the "Winter Holidays" lines with "Christmas Holidays in 2011 due to Hilary Fortnam's negative complaint to HiT Entertainment over the episodes from the UK DVD, Little Engines, Big Days Out saying "Winter Holidays" instead of "Christmas."


  • Toby is at Farmer McColl's field before Henry, despite the fact that Henry left before Toby and Toby needed to take on water.
  • At the end of the episode, Edward, Henry, Gordon, James and Emily should have had head lamps.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヘンリーとなぞのはこ Henry and the Mystery Box
Welsh Henry a'r blwch hud Henry and the Magic Box
German Henrys geheimnisvolle Kiste Henry's Mysterious Box
Norwegian Henrys magiske kasse Henry's Magic Box
Spanish La caja mágica de Henry Henry's Magic Box
Chinese 亨利的魔法盒子 Henry's Magic Box
Korean 사라진 특별상자 Special Boxes Disappeared
Swedish Henry Magiska Låda Henry's Magic Box
Greek Το μαγικό κουτί το Χένρι Henry's Magic Box
Italian La Cassa Magica di Henry Henry's Special Crate
Czech Henryho Kouzelná Bedna Henry's Magic Box
Finnish Henrin tärkeä laatikko Henry's Magic Box
Russian Волшебный ящик Magic Box
Hungarian Henry kincsesládája Henry's Treasure Chest
Portuguese A caixa mágica do Henry Henry's Magic Box
Catalan La caixa màgica d'en Henry The Magic Box of Henry
Romanian Cutia Magică a lui Henry Henry's Magic Box
Polish Magiczna Skrzynia Henia Henry's Magic Box
Thai กล่องวิเศษของเฮนรี่ Henry's Magic Box

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