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"We are all stars of the show!"
— Peter Sam

Mountain Marvel is the fourth episode of the twelfth season.


Peter Sam rushes to finish his jobs in order to hear a tale about Proteus from the famous storyteller, Miss Marvel. During this, he stumbles across a neglected statue of Proteus and vows to hide it until the ceremony. This results in a disaster, but Peter Sam figures out a way to fix everything by getting his friends to help and make it in time for the storytelling - complete with the statue on display.




  • This episode marks Mighty Mac's last speaking role to date.
  • This is the last episode until Luke's New Friend that does not feature any members of the Steam Team.


  • When Peter Sam discovers the statue of Proteus, his milk churns disappear.
  • When Mighty Mac first meets Peter Sam, a steam platform is visible on the track next to him.
  • When Peter Sam crashes into the buffers, you can see something on the ground which was used to make thetrucks lift up into the air.
  • When Peter Sam crashes into the buffers the junction's layout changes from what it was earlier in the episode.
  • When Mighty Mac leaves to tell Mr. Percival about the statue, there is no steam coming from Mac's funnel. Also, Freddie is derailed.
  • Proteus' magic lamp is missing from the statue, and it also has different pistons from Proteus' appearance in The Magic Lamp. 
  • In the last shot of Rusty, part of a face marker is visible under his chin. These markings were used to indicate where the engines' faces should be during production of the twelfth season.
  • When Peter Sam pulls the statue away, the flatbed is derailed.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
German Peter Sams Entdeckung Peter Sam's Discovery
French La légende de Protéus The Legend of Proteus
Spanish Maravilla en la montaña Marvel at the Mountain
Italian La Meraviglia delle Montagne The Marvel of the Mountains
Portuguese Maravilha da Montanha Wonder Mountain
Indonesian Keajaiban Gunung Wonders Mount
Romanian Minunăția din Munți The Wonder of Mountains
Polish Górski Bohater Mountain Hero
Czech Překvapení z hor Surprise from the Mountains
Slovak Prekvapenie z hôr Surprise from the Mountains
Chinese 马维山 Mountain

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