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"I rescued you!"
"No you didn't. Rocky was loading the water tower on my flatbed, and now it's smashed!
— Thomas and Duck
Saved You!

Steve Asquith


Simon Spencer


Paul Larson


Michael Angelis (UK)
Michael Brandon (US)
Pierce Brosnan (UK/US; original cut)

Air date

12th September 2008 (UK)
11th November 2008 (AUS)
28th December 2008 (US)
4th May 2009 (GER)

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Saved You! is the tenth episode of the twelfth season.


Thomas is one of the engines who like to help others out. If they are broken down, he takes them to the works. He doesn't want any confusion and delay.

One day, Percy meets Thomas at Maithwaite. The Fat Controller is on board Percy. He orders Thomas to collect a fireman. He is a hero for saving Lady Hatt's cat. Thomas sets off to collect the fireman. Along the way, he finds his chance when he sees a water tower about to fall on Duck. Thomas orders Duck to move. Duck moves and the water tower crashes into bits. Thomas is pleased, but Duck is cross. He explains that Rocky was lowering the tower on his flatbed. Rocky had been hidden behind the tree. Thomas apologizes and continues on his journey.

It's not long until he comes across a fallen tree on the track. Worried about engines crashing into it, he backs up. He tells a signalman about it and so when Harvey chuffed by, he is sent on the other track. Satisfied, Thomas sets off, only to find Donald and Douglas behind the tree. They were waiting for Harvey to clear the tree. They are cross when Thomas admits his mistake. Thomas apologizes and puffs off once more.

Thomas soon finds Toby. Smoke and Steam billowed everywhere. Thomas is horrified; Toby has broken down on the main line! Hearing Gordon's whistle, he moves Toby to a siding. Gordon rushes by. Toby is cross, and tells Thomas that Gordon was bringing an engineer to fix him. Thomas knows he made another mistake. Now he's almost late. Thomas finds Percy and asks him to take the fireman instead. Percy is delighted. With Percy gone, Thomas goes to set things right. He collects the engineer to fix Toby, find Harvey and makes him move the tree, and puffs back to Tidmouth.

Suddenly, he sees Bertie and some children. Bertie explains that he's gotten stuck in the mud. Thomas decides to take the children to the medal ceremony. Once there, Lady Hatt nominates the fireman a hero, and the children declare Thomas their hero. Thomas was very happy to help.





  • When the water tower breaks, some pieces land on Thomas' line. But in the next shot, his line is clear.
  • Duck has a correctly proportioned face unlike in Excellent Emily, but is still missing his cheekbones.
  • When Toby breaks down, he makes "diesel noises."
  • The narrator says that deliveries are made on time "without confusion and delay," whereas he should say "without confusion or delay."
  • When Thomas pulls Toby off the mainline, Toby derails.
  • When Thomas reverses back to the points before rescuing Toby, in an aerial shot, a steam platform is visible.
  • In a photo of Thomas and Duck, some of Thomas' mechanism is seen.
  • In many scenes, the character's CGI faces are not positioned correctly.
  • When Bertie is stuck in the mud, his driver and his passengers are not portrayed in CGI.


  • Books - Thomas the Hero and Thomas' Mixed-Up Day/Thomas Puts the Brakes On

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese トーマスはヒーロー Thomas is Hero
Italian Eroe a tutti i costi! Hero at all Costs!
German Thomas der Held Thomas the Hero
Portuguese Eu Te Salvei I Saved You
Indonesian Kamu Selamat! You Are Welcome!
Romanian Te-am Salve! I Saved!
Polish Ponogłem Ci! I Helped You!
Spanish Te Salvé! I Saved You!
Croatian Spasio sam te I Saved You
Czech Zachránce Savior
Slovak Zachránca Savior
Chinese 我来救你 I'll Save You
Serbian Spasio sam te I Saved You

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