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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the 2010 magazine story, the 2012 magazine story, the book, the German DVD or the Taiwanese DVD.
"Aww, that little piglet is looking at me!"
— Thomas giggling at a newborn piglet

Thomas and the Pigs is the eighth episode of the thirteenth season.


Farmer Trotter asks Thomas to collect some straw for the piglets which are soon to be born. But on the way, Thomas sees other things he thinks the piglets will like, so he collects milk from Percy, apples from James and chestnuts from the children, completely filling his flatbed. When Thomas gets to McColl Farm, Farmer McColl tells Thomas that there is no room for the straw. So, Thomas takes the unusual cargo to Farmer Trotter, who tells Thomas that piglets do not like apples, chestnuts and milk as the straw is the main priority as soon as they are born. Farmer Trotter tells Thomas to empty his flatbed and collect the straw. On the way, Percy and James try to tell Thomas their ideas about what the piglets would like, but Thomas has no time to listen to them as he is running late. Finally, Thomas collects the straw from Farmer McColl and rushes back to the pig farm. Thomas cannot see the pigs, thinking he is too late, but Farmer Trotter tells him that he is just in time. One of the piglets takes a shine to Thomas, so Farmer Trotter names the piglet Thomas in his honor.







  • This episode was seen in select US theatres in October 2010.
  • This marks Farmer Trotter's first speaking role in the series.


  • Thomas' back cab window blinks when he leaves McColl farm the first time.


  • Wooden Railway - Thomas' Pig Pickup 3-pack
  • Books - Thomas and the Piglets

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Norwegian Thomas og grisene Thomas and the Pigs
Dutch Thomas en de varkentjes Thomas and the Pigs
German Thomas und die Ferkel Thomas and the Piglets
Japanese トーマスとこぶた Thomas and the Pigs
Portuguese Thomas e os porquinhos Thomas and the Little Pigs
Danish Thomas og grisene Thomas and Pigs
Finnish Olkia porsaille Straw Piglets
French Les bébés cochons The Baby Pigs
Italian Thomas e i Maialini Thomas and the Piglets
Czech Tomáš a prasátka Thomas and the Pigs
Indonesian Thomas dan Babi-Babi Thomas and the Pigs
Russian Ненужные подарки Unwanted Gifts
Hungarian Thomas és a kismalacok Thomas and the Little Pigs
Chinese 托马斯和小猪 Thomas and the Piglet
Korean 아기 돼지의 탄생 The Birth of a Baby Pig
Romanian Thomas și Purcelușii Thomas and the Piglets
Serbian Tomas i prasci Thomas and the Bastards
Polish Tomek i Prosiaczki Thomas and the Piggies
Spanish Thomas y los Cerditos Thomas and the Piglets
Slovak Thomas a paprasiatka Thomas and the Pigs
Catalan En Thomas i els porquets Thomas and the Pigs
Greek Ο Τόμας και τα γουρουνάκια Thomas and the Pigs
Thai โธมัสกับลูกหมู Thomas' Piglet
Swedish Thomas och grisarna Thomas and the Pigs

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